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What's What Productions
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 Bringing You Big Pimpin' on a Budget

It ain't no secrect that trying to record, produce and release a CD is very time consuming, not to mention expensive!   After the initial time and money spent, you then have a finished product and you have to figure out how to get the word out before anyone will buy your new dope tracks.  How are you gonna cover all those bases?  Do you have a plan?  What's What Productions can help with any or all of these at rock bottom prices.  I even work for free if I really feel your music.............

Hot CDs From What's What Artists

We currently have 2 different CDs to offer,  with more to come.  Our CDs include full color inserts and have at least 30 mins. of original WWP hip-hop.  They sell for 5$ a piece, plus shipping.  Have a look!